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i was wondering if its Affection would go down. it's female, so I wanna breed it to have more of its hidden ability. i'm scared to do it, though.


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No, its affection won't go down. I've bred plently of Pokemon with high affection levels, and they have not lost any hearts at all.

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thank you SO much. i was worried that i would lose 1+ of the 4 hearts i worked so hard for.  i just have 1 more question: how should i advertise a Hidden Ability Eevee? it won't let me put in 'Anticipation'.
No problem :D
By the way, what do you mean by advertise? Do you mean on the GTS? If so I'm not really going to be very helpful since I have no experience with the GTS. Sorry D:
yeah, that's what i meant. and that's OK! i'll ask it in another question. thanks for all your help! :)
No problem! :)