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I've been looking for a Sylveon with Pixilate and Hyper Voice for a LONG time now, and I'm growing tired of searching. I have a Gardevoir ready for use, but should I give up looking for the Sylveon and just use Gardevoir? The Gardevoir would not be a mega.

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Gardevoir, even without the Mega, is a decent Pokemon, and fills much the same role as Sylveon would. It wouldn't have Pixilate, though, so would have to use Moonblast. Don't get me wrong, Moonblast is a good move, it is just that Pixilate Hyper Voice is more powerful, and ignores Substitutes.

I think Sylveon is slightly stronger because of that. Looking at their stats, Sylveon also has slightly better bulk, with more HP and Special Defence than Gardevoir does. But they both do well as bulky Special Attackers, so my advice is to try Gardevoir out and see how it goes. If you don't think it is working as well as you would like, you could keep looking for a Sylveon later.

Also, do you have a copy of Black 2 or White 2 yourself? I ask because I KNOW you can get a Hidden Ability Eevee in the post-game, so you can always get it and breed it in Gen V, and teach it Hyper Voice from the move tutor, before transferring it to X and Y to evolve it. It might take some work, but it is a guaranteed way to get a Pixilate Sylveon with Hyper Voice.

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Well, It really depends on the rest of your team.

[email protected]/Choice Scarf
Ability - Trace
EVs - 252 Sp. Att., 252 Spe, 4 Sp. Def.
Timid Nature
-Hyper Voice/Moonblast
-Calm Mind/Thunderbolt
-Energy Ball

This is if your team has less Special Attacking prowess and low Speed. If your team has enough Speed, then go for Special Attacking Sylveon

[email protected]
Ability - Pixilate
EVs - 252 Sp. Att., 252 HP, 4 Sp. Def.
Modest Nature
-Hyper Voice
-Shadow Ball

But if you have enough of both and you lack Special Defense, go for the Standard Specially Defensive Sylveon, which I bet you know what it is.