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cartoon network never shows the new x and y series, Pokemon never has commercials, and I never see people trading cards. what is happening?

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Yes, Pokemon is definitely still popular. It might not seem like it, but it is. It just isn't the phenomenon it was when Red and Blue first came out.

Cartoon Network haven't started showing the XY anime series yet, though they will start to on January 18 in America. Pokemon does still have commercials, though they might not be as frequent as they were when X and Y were just released/were about to be released. When there is nothing new coming up, Pokemon does start to seem less popular, but it changes when another game is announced.

The Trading Card game has never really been as popular as the games. I don't think they are a good way to determine how popular the game is.

If you don't believe me, just look at fan sites like this one. We have thousands of members, and I believe Smogon has over 100,000 - that is just the competitive community. Look at YouTube channels like TheJWittz; he has over 800,000 subscribers, so it wouldn't be hard for him to get 1,000,000. Pokemon is one of those games that will never go unpopular due to its growing amount of fans, and as long as they continue to make games they way they are, Pokemon will remain popular.

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When I went to gamestop to get Pokemon X they ran out, so I had to live with Y(just as good). The games are definitely the most popular part of Pokemon. Everything else is meh

-Anime is childish(you'd think a 10 year old would be more mature)
-Manga is old(I don't think it's published anymore)
-TCG is hard and looks a bit nerdy (no offense :3)

did I say something wrong?
no but you didn't cover everything.
Manga is published as of Gen5.
1)I'm 11.....and I still watch anime.
2)There is even a WHOLE shelf of manga in Singapore, where Pokémon is not very popular
3) Oh. A Reverse Holo Genesect Card is Nerdy? -->  http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mehfonoaBvQ12ifUHkiYuIA.jpg
My cousin's school (also in Singapore) has a Pokémon card club..
Grass Genesect ggnore