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I like the weaker selection of Pokemon, but sometimes they are so weak that they faint with one blow. I received snivy and chikorita at my Pokemon league today and they need better protection from lvl. 20-30 Pokemon (I manually train the starter Pokemon when they evolve into their 1st. stage). What items should I give them?

Why are you training manually? Do you have exp share? If you answer this, it'll help me answer.
Dude I do have exp share. But I feel as if they need to battle themselves. Besides if you don't battle them enough they get cocky and don't listen to you (tried it with pipplup).
didn't know dat...

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try HP healing berries
focus sash/band
attack power reducing berries (for things ur Pokemon is weak against)
if not fully evolved use evolite
thats all I can think of at this moment
hope it helps

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Yeah. EXP Share is your best option as a held item. So they don't enter battle at all.
If you don't have EXP Share you can lead off with them, and switch to one of your stronger Pokemon to train them until they get to a point where they're strong enoough themselves.
Orrr just Rare Candy them :3

If you attach a rare candy to a pokemon will it level up every time you put it into battle?