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ive already encountered 40 noctowls in a chain and i'm pressing y to reset the chain but is there a chance that a shiny patch of grass might appear if I keep on pressing y as I have the poke radar registered

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Of course.

I don't know how many reassurances you need about shiny chaining, but I'll give you another one. Resetting the radar after chain 40 will eventually produce a shiny chain. It doesn't matter if you go into your bag to use the Radar or have it on Y, it'll eventually happen.

Also, there was an answer on one of your other questions worth noting - if you still have that cheat that forces all encounters to be Noctowls, it's probably messing with your chaining because the game is treating them as different species, considering you're forcing all species to appear as Noctowl.

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I'm mad >:l
oh forget the chaining......i just want a shiny one and thats it
Nin Nin.
If you really want a shiny Noctowl, then just trade for one.
i cant....i play on an emulator
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It is going to be a 1/200 chance of finding a Shiny Patch when the chain number is 40. And no, it will not increase even if you have the PokeRadar registered as Y.

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Well, the hidden data has not been extracted yet, however there is a very high probability that pressing Y won't do anything. Except activating the PokeRadar assuming it's registered ;)

There have never been such things like pressing certain buttons to increase the chances of whatever in the Pokemon Series to my knowledge - it might just be false luck you're having. :3

Of course, the chain increases, and sooner or later you WILL find a shiny patch. Having the PokeRadar registered doesn't affect the chances though.

It's like whenever I play Candy Crush Saga - whenever I turn the sound off, I tend to completely harder levels more often. Though there's a 99% chance that doesn't effect anything xD

Hope I helped. :)

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Yea but turning the sound off in Candy Crush means you're not distracted by something else other than completing the level.
I'm not distracted by it though - I still as determined as I am with and without the music. I'm so different. x3
Downvoted - of course. >.>
Apparently someone doesn't like Candy Crush.