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I'm playing platinum and I have been having trouble for days finding a shiny noctowl, ive set the code for noctowl only in Pokemon modifier codes so that only noctowl appears, ive continued my chain and have encountered more than 100 of them n still no shiny patch although the probability is 1/200

yup i did but i think that doesnt matter but the chain can still be broken
I can't say, since I've never chained with a cheat. It might have done something to your game.
Why would you cheat to make something easier when you could cheat to easily obtain it without having to legitimately catch it?
I dunno,  maybe he still wanted a challenge xD
I think I remember their old Q saying that using the cheat to obtain a shiny Noctowl froze their emulator?

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It shouldn't matter, but what your cheat code is doing is replacing a Pokemon with noctowl yet treating this "noctowl" as a different Pokemon. So you're simply just chaining different Pokemon yet only noctowl are appearing.

Hope I helped :D?