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Well, its not in the proper part of flower paradise.

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What? I cannot understand
What game are you playing?
Platinum. Read tags
Sorry I don't read tags they should at least say it in the information

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If you mean the one in the start of the long, flowery road, it dissapears, even with cheats or if you talk to it.
Anyway, it is fake.

Its proper place is at the end of the road at flower paradise.
You need Oak's Letter, recived on wi-fi, for it to appear, or cheat (not reccomended - it ruins your game).
Use a Gracedia to change its form.

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I don't have Wi-fi.
I use cheats that give me all the items and Oak's Letter but now shaymin isn't there. What do I do?(I used lots of other cheats).
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You should of used the one that ONLY gives you Oak's Letter. All you do is go in the Pokemart and talk to the guy in the green jump suit and he'll give it to you. Same goes for Azure Flute and Member's Card/pass. It does the exact same thing it would do if you got it legitimately through wi-fi, regardless of what other's say. (in this case, the Gracidea Flower)

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