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In Treasure Town, there is an Electivire who will link two moves together for you. It's quite useful. But which moves are very good when you link? I know some, for example, Screech+Force Palm was a favorite of mine. What are some you have found?

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Swords Dance + Screech (or similar combo)

Take just one turn to set up and do massive damage next turn. Especially good on bosses.

Protect + Disable

Trolls more powerful bosses and Pokemon, but isn't too good for long dungeons due to low PP.

Dragon Dance + any STAB Power Move OR High PP move

Good for mid size dungeons and bosses, take many Pokemon out fast and hard. I suggest the PP option unless specifically for bosses.

Healing Wish + Recover (or similar move)

pokemon like Cressilia post game are very good at this, but it is good to make sure they have decent AI skills and a good equipped item.

Light Screen + Reflect

sets up two turns worth of defense in one go, but isn't good for consumption purposes.

Magic Guard + Protect

Imagination please.

I'll add more later. I might go and be a little more creative tomorrow or something on my game.

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