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I just got a shiny mew over trade. It has 6ivs, has 236 atk, 236 def, 328 sp. atk, 236 sp. def, and 269 speed. It is quiet natured and is form hoenn. It has the Kalos and sinnoh champion ribbon BUT CANNOT BE DEPOSITED IN THE GTS. however, he can be used in random matchups.

Is it real?

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It is fake unless it has a blue pentagon below its typing in its summary. The blue checker means the pokemon is real
Not always
I can confirm this answer once you tell me the HP stat pwease?? :3
Please provide more details such as the Characteristic, OT and ID
Yeah. An OT/ID would be nice.

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It is most likely real even if it doesn't have the blue pentagon. Your Mew was most likely gotten from the pokebank. Any Pokemon gotten from pokebank Can't be put into wondertrade. The same thing happened to me with a Japanese Keldeo of mine.

You mean GTS
He put it in the GTS, not Wonder Trade.
Yes I know i wasn't speaking of wonder trade. I tried to get a Giratina with the keldeo but it didn't work because it said "this pokemon is special"