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So I am trying to get a Hidden ability for my Lileep in my Pokemon Y and I have no idea how but are there any ways to get hidden abilities on Pokemon besides friend safaris and horde battles?

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to original post: i'm new here but i wanted to know if you were able to get the lileep with the hidden ability, if so i would love to trade you for one! i want it on my alpha sapphire team, thanks and have a great day! :)
By the way, I have HA Eevees(and Eeveelutions), Froakies, Ralts and Fletchlings.
If you would like any, just say so!

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The only way you can get a Lileep with it's Hidden Ability is by trading, since you can no longer get them in the Pokémon Dream World in the Sparkling Sea.

Ways you can get other Pokémon with their Hidden Ability include:

  • The Friend Safari- Pokémon in the Friend Safari have a small chance of having their Hidden Abilities.
  • Horde Encounters- Pokémon found in Hordes may have their Hidden Ability.
  • Events- Certain event Pokémon may have their Hidden Ability.
  • The Pokémon Dream Radar- Pokémon obtained from the Pokémon Dream Radar will always have their respective Hidden Ability.
  • Hidden Grottos- Pokémon found in Pokémon Black and White 2's Hidden Grottos will always have their Hidden Ability.
  • In Game- There have been instances of Pokémon found in game with their respective Hidden Ability, such as in Black and White the five Darmanitan's in the Desert Resort.
  • Breeding- If you breed a Female Pokémon with their Hidden Ability with another Pokémon in their egg group, they have a 60% chance of giving that Ability to each of their children. In Generation VI, Male and Genderless Pokémon also have the chance to pass down their Hidden Ability to their children, but only when bred with a Ditto.

Sources: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lileep_(Pokémon)



Hope I helped :)

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Well you could use the pokebank to transfer like a stoutland or a watchog with a hidden ability and pit it in Pokemon X or Y and you could breed it with a different Pokemon like ditto. The only way I know how to get hidden abilities are friend safaris, horde battles and pokebank.

friend safaris= best way
hordes= second best
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Hidden Abilities were introduced within Pokémon Black & White as a means of giving various abilities to older Pokémon and providing a new alternative. Pokémon X & Y continues this, with a few changes. First, Pokémon in Hordes and Pokémon found within Friend Safari each have a small chance of having their Hidden Ability. Only female Pokémon had a chance of passing down Hidden Abilities.

>Pokémon X & Y introduced some alterations within the system too. Most notably, you can finally breed male Pokémon and genderless Pokémon with their Hidden Abilities if you breed with Ditto in order to get offspring with the Hidden Ability.
This page lists all available Pokémon with Hidden Abilities, and will be updated to note if transfer is required when Pokémon Bank is released.