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For petting Slugma, Rotom, Solosis etc... I see people doing it but can't find anywhere how to.

I have no idea what you're talking about.
Can you give me a link or something to tell me? o_o
maybe he meant poke-puffs and backgrounds and things like that
I did not know there were backgrounds, either!? o_o
what are you talking about.

By the way, I find it easiest to get backgrounds with my ampharos. Which can be found as a mareep in a hoard on route 11 outside Baa de Mer (or something like that) ranch. Play activities with them for about two minutes and you get a new backgroud.

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Most Pokémon have an area which they prefer to be petted, as well as an area they don't like you touching. You'll get more hearts per pet if you rub them in their preferred spot. Your Pokémon will give you visible clues to where they prefer to be petted (closed eyes, open mouth, head back, etc.). Additionally, the game will produce a low-pitched noise in areas the Pokémon dislikes, and a high-pitched noise in the area the Pokémon most prefers. Listen closely.

This is what Reddit says about Petting in Pokémon Amie so I doubt there is such a thing as Petting Tools


There was a picture I saw of someone petting a Slugma in Amie with a glove that let them touch it. Normally you can't touch them.