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i have heard rumour that mew will be in an event in xy, if not, are there any other event Pokemon coming soon?

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The Only Events were the Torchic Distribution, only lasting until January 31st of this year, and the Celebi Distribution in Pokémon Bank that lasts until this September. The leaked Legendary Pokémon - Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa - will make an appearance later this year hopefully.

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No, currently there are no events going for X and Y as the Torchic distribution ended a while ago. No events have been announced either.

There is the special Hold Back Celebi event for Pokemon Bank, but no countries besides Japan and Korea can get it yet as the app hasn't been released in most countries.

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The only events so far are:

  • Hidden Ability Mega Torchic (concluded)
  • PokeBank Celebi (basically unreleased)

Also the Pokemon that appeared in the Hidden Data (Vivilions with different patterns, AZ's Floette, Mega Latios/Latias etc.) that Smealum found are rumoured.

Everything else you've heard is basically fake as of yet.

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