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I was watching my brother playing his White2, and he was fighting Iris. Apparently, the life orb that her Druddigon was holding only made the Pokemon take damage if it used Dragon Claw (I think that was the move; I can't remember) It also wouldn't receive damage from the life orb if it used any other move.

Is this a glitch, or does it have something to do with Druddigon's ability, or something different?

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Life Orb only deals damage to a Pokémon with Sheer Force when it uses a move without any additional effects (e.g., a chance to induce a status or drag another Pokémon out).

Iris's Druddigon probably has Sheer Force with Life Orb. An example of a move that would not cause the Pokémon to take damage from the Life Orb would be Dragon Tail.

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Iris Druddigon does not know Dragon Claw in Black and White 2, she either has Dragon Tail or Outrage as her only Dragon type move. Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Iris
It must have been Outrage, then. The Life Orb only took effect when it used that move. It would not take effect if any other move was used.
Yeah it's because her Druddigon's other moves have additional effects. It's only her Druddigon's Outrage/ Dragon Tail that doesn't have an additional effect :)
Oh, I see, now! (if only you posted that as an answer, then I'd pick it as best answer XD)
Oh well :) But to be honest I think Kenzie_Crobat deserves it since her answer is correct and she was on the right lines with Druddigon's ability and moves :P I'm glad I was of help to you though :D