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So in the attackdex on this website, guard swap's description is this:
User and opponent swap Defense and Special Defense

However, in game, the description is as follows:
The user employs its psychic power to switch changes to its Defense and Sp. Def with the target.

While the first description implies that the move correlates to the Pokemon's base Defense and Special Defense, the second description implies that it only correlates to the Pokemon's changes in their defense stat. According to the first description, a Pokemon using Guard Swap with 100 defense on a Pokemon with 200 defense gains 200 defense and leaves the opponent with 100 defense. However, according to the second description, a Pokemon using Guard Swap only switches the in-battle changes made to the stats.

Please help! This is hurting my head...


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Guard Swap switches any changes to the user's Defense stat and Special Defense stat with any changes to the target's Defense stat and Special Defense stat. The effect of Guard Swap may be Baton Passed. (Bulbapedia)

Switches user's DEFENSE & SP. DEF stat increases with opponent. (Serebii)

So, basically, you swap stat changes. Say a Clefairy uses Cosmic Power and gets +1 Def and +1 SpDef, and then Natu uses Guard Swap with +0 in either. Natu would then get Clefairy's +1 Def and +1 SpDef, and Clefairy would get Natu's lack of boosts.
I hope that made sense to you.

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