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Can I only get it via a swarm?

I have but one question for you. Why the heck do you want a dunsparce???

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No a swarm is not the only way you can get a Dunsparce in Generation IV.

You can get a Dunsparce normally or by using Rock Smash in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver in Dark Cave on the Violet City Side of the cave.

Note: There is only a 1% chance of encountering a Dunsparce normally in the cave.

Although Dunsparce has an 80% encounter rate when using Rock Smash to smash rocks inside the cave. If you do not encounter a Pokémon when using Rock Smash in the cave you may instead get an item. This would either be a Red Shard, a Blue Shard, a Green Shard, a Yellow Shard, a Heart Scale, a Revive, a Max Either or a Star Piece.

Sources: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Dark_Cave


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Thanks, to you and to everybody. About after an hour of running around like an idiot in the Dark Cave I FINALLY encountered one of those little cuties. Thanks :)
Your welcome, glad I could help :)
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Considering Gen IV includes Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart gold, and Souls Silver, you can get it other ways than via swarm. First is to transfer it over from one of your gen 3 games, but you can also catch it in Dark Cave in the Gen 2 remakes. And the other other way to get it is, yes, via horde D/P/Pt.


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Well in D/P/Plt you can only get it through swarm However in Hg/Ss you can get it in the Dark cave