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I've battled Every ingame trainer in ss and I havent seen 1 dunsparce. is it NU?

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Well...don't worry if you want use GTS, wait for swarm in Dark Cave. Without swarm, there's still 1% chance of encountering them.

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"NU" is a pokemon tier by Smogon for competitive battling. It means Dunsparce is never used in real battles (because it's weak).

It has nothing to do with the in-game trainers and battles. Usually you see nearly every pokemon because all trainers have different types for different reasons.

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Yes. Dunsparce is NU according to smogon.

But remember that the tiers are just made by smogon, not the pokemon company, so it has no influence on the in game trainers.


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Hmm. I figured as much.