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Basically. I was flicking through random pages. And then I found;

Dunsparce and Salamence are the same height. WUT. ._. 1.5m / 4'11
Am I just interpreting 'height' differently or is this Gamefreak logic again?.

Just to clarify I dont want to know their heights are 1.5 m I'm asking how the heck its the same as salamence is a beast and dunsparce a worm and is my interpretaion of height being from their tallest point to tge groud correct and that dunsparce is a freak of nature

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It is possible that Salamence's height is measured from the ground to the top of its body while Dunsparce's is measured from its head to its tail. If that is the case, then it is Trollfreak again. All that is doing is making Salamence seem smaller than a person xP

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With certain snake like Pokemon, such as Dragonair, Arbok and Dunsparnce, it seem they used their length rather than their height. Why, I have no idea, but seeing as almost all snake Pokemon have an abnormal length, Dunsparnce's height might very well be the result of measuring its Lenght rather than its actual height.

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I also wondered this of Onix and Steelix. Both have height of around 30 feet. Would that refer to it's height or length? As that seems a bit short for length from head to tail.

If you look at a lampost (in the UK) they are 30 feet tall, and i imagine that's where onix/steelix's head to be (Probably because the anime). So are they measured in distance from the ground?? even though they are snakelike.
Furret would probably use this logic, too. He's 5'11, just a little under six feet. I imagined they measured his head to his tail.
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Salamence is actually that legit height, as you said dunsparce is a freak of nature and it hasn't been noticed by you first

In the anime, Dunsparce is usually shown to be much shorter than 5
feet, which is its listed height (or in this case, length) in the
games. It is also shown as much smaller than its listed height in
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, being even smaller than
Pikachu. -Bulbapedia

trust me we're all confused, I guess gamefreak made dunsparce insanely tall in the games...you know gamefreak xD