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First, let's check the height of the starters of Sinnoh, fully evolved.
Infernape: 3'11. That's as big as Lucario and...
Vivilion. A butterfly is as big as a fighting monkey.
Empoleon: 5'7. He would be a little taller than me, but Furret is apparently taller than him. However, I think he's measured by head to tail, not head to toe.
Torterra is...well, this is a doozy, 7'3. SEVEN FOOT THREE INCHES. What?
Is it measured, like, head to toe or from his foot to the tip of the tree?

I have no problems believing that Continent Pokémon being 7'3". It suits it.

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enter image description here

Hopefully if the picture is showing then we can see Ash Ketchum stands as tall as Torterra's Shell (if no picture is showing click Hyper Link to see the picture). We can estimate that Ash stands roughly at 4 1/2 feet to 5 feet. Which should mean that Torterra only stands up to about 5 feet and the 2.03 feet that is left over comes from the tree on Torterra's back according to the Pokémon Anime that stars Ash Ketchum. then again Ash could have a short Torterra, but I don't think that is the case. I hope this helps answer your question.

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Mega_Septile, I did not realize that user Spook corrected my Image problem, So I went in and edit my answer to see if I could figure out the Image Problem myself. It seems like the only thing I manage to do was repost the broken Picture, but this time I added a Hyper Link so if no one else comes along and fixes my picture then at least people can use the Hyper Link. Also Thank You user Spook for correcting my picture I am sorry I undid your work, I did not relize you had corrected the picture for me.
Also, in the anime, Pokemon's sizes vary unlike in the games. Check out the link to see size differences in the anime.
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User Mega_Septile I am aware of the size differences in the anime as well. I believe the people who make the decisions about Pokémon are trying to make Pokémon as realistic as they can for a show/game about "magic animals". They are trying to base it off the animals in our world. I believe Pokémon, like animals, probably come in all sorts of different sizes, and the pokedex entries on height and weight are just rough ideas of the general size of Pokemon. I would think Crobat's body would be no bigger than 1.5 feet, but because of the Pokedex I know they run around 5 feet, so their may be Crobat's as small as 3 feet or as big as 6 feet, but the Pokedex just gives a point of reference, and is not the end all to Pokémon sizes, it probably isn't even an average size of the Pokémon. That is just my thoughts on the matter, just an opinion. :)
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