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Shortest to tallest please! Edit: Only for base evolutions

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From what stage? Final?
When you mean starters, are you talking about their basic stages or final stage evolutions.
Sorry, i meant only basic evolutions xD
Mfw no one gives their answer with centimetres/metres :<

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Froakie: 1ft.
Fennekin: 1ft. 4in.
Chespin: 1ft. 4in.
Turtwig: 1ft. 4in.
Piplup:1ft. 4in.
Torchic: 1ft. 4in.
Mudkip: 1ft. 4in.
Chimchar: 1ft. 8in.
Treecko: 1ft. 8in.
Oshawott: 1ft. 8in.
Tepig: 1ft. 8in.
Cyndaquil: 1ft. 8in.
Squirtle: 1ft. 8in.
Snivy: 2ft.
Charmander: 2ft.
Totodile: 2ft.
Bulbasaur: 2ft. 4in.
Chikorita: 2ft. 11in.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_National_Pokédex_number

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From Shortest to Tallest:
Torchic-1ft 4in
Mudkip-1ft 4in
Turtwig- 1ft 4in
Piplup- 1ft 4in
Chespin- 1ft 4in
Fennekin- 1ft 4in
Squirtle- 1ft 8in
Cyndaquil- 1ft 8in
Treecko- 1ft 8in
Chimchar- 1ft 8in
Tepig- 1ft 8in
Oshawott- 1ft 8in
Charmander- 2ft
Bulbasuar-2ft 4in
Chikortia- 2ft 11in

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/stats/height-weight

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Froakie 1'
Torchic 1' 4"
Mudkip 1' 4"
Piplup 1' 4"
Turtwig 1' 4"
Fennekin 1' 4"
Chespin 1' 4"
Squirtle 1' 8"
Cyndaquil 1' 8"
Treecko 1' 8"
Chimchar 1' 8"
Tepig 1' 8"
Oshawott 1' 8"
Charmander 2'
Totodile 2'
Snivy 2'
Bulbasaur 2' 4"
Chikorita 2' 11"

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