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I did the pomeg glitch, but didn't save, as it seemed unsafe. Is it?

If you don't know what the pomeg glitch is, don't attempt to answer this question.

P.S I'm playing on platinum.


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Yes it is perfectly safe to save the game if you have a Pokémon that has ?35 HP. I've used this glitch with no ill effects whatsoever so I highly doubt you will ruin your game by doing it, as I have done so numerous times with no consequence.

Since ?35 HP is essentially just -1 in HP. If you change a Pokémon with 1 HP to have ?35 HP, they are not stuck with ?35 HP as you can change them back to have positive HP again.

Through the Pomeg Glitch the following can occur:

Negative HP (?35)
Infinite battle
Fainted Pokémon in battle
Force an egg to battle

Additional Sources: Marriland and more importantly the video that Marriland has for the Pomeg Glitch on youtube. It explains everything you need to know about the Pomeg Glitch but I'll apologise in advance for the music xD

Hope I helped :)

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It's not harmful, but it's not really that useful either.

From this and experience, the Pomeg Glitch doesn't corrupt your save file.

Source: Experience