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Is it is,then which form?Therian os Incarnate?

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Um ok will see
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By rain abuser I assume you mean something that will help in a rain team along side your politoes. I'm supporting **Vaporeon** in which case. Get a politoes with drizzle and Vaporeon's hydration will heal up any status. In the likely case your politoed does not have drizzle give ir rain dance, here are movesets...

Nature: Sassy
Item: Sea incense
Ability: Hydration

Acid Armour
Baton Pass

Ok so what's here is a good Vaporeon moveset. While politoed's rain heals Vaporeon's status he bulks up with AcidA and then attacks with STAB surf. When Vaporeon looks like a faint use with then baton pass to get in a good Pokemon. Make sure Politoed is sent out first.

Another option is...

Nature: Lonely/Adamant
Item: what ever you want
Ability: Swift Swim

Aqua Jet
Power Up Punch
Agility (optional)/Bulk Up (not so optional)
Any ice attack for grass types

This is another good one as with rain, swift swim activates making Floatzel a fantastic physical sweeper. Agility rises his already good speed so maybe not but Power up Punch will increase attack and so will Bulk up. Ice attack is just coverage as he is extremely frail.

I hope you have decided now, I hope you get a good rain abuser and...

What now you changed the title!
Sorry Cobragon. He's now asking a different question. :P

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Thundurus has always been a decent rain abuser, including in Gen 5. It's not Thundurus that's worse now - its Rain itself. DAMN GAMEFREAK Y U DO DIS TO WEATHER

It's main use for Rain is to get access to STAB Thunder, which lets it hit 100% of the time in rain. Always nice. As for which one is better it's debateable. Thundurus-T has higher special attack at base 145, but lower Speed at base 101 - though that can be remedied by using Agility, and it also has access to Nasty Plot to boost it's already excellent Special Attack.
Thundurus in it's incarnate form, has better speed and attack, allowing it to function as a decent mixed attacker (Hammer Arm :P). However with it's higher speed, Nasty Plot is much more viable, and it also has Prankster which means moves like Nasty Plot and Thunder Wave will always go first. Unless against another prankster user. Or faster priority. :P

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Hmm,ok I think I'll go with Incarnate.What moveset and item do you recommend ( for competitive battling)?
Thundurus @ Life Orb
Trait: Prankster
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
~ Nasty Plot
~ Thunder
~ Hidden Power Ice
~ Focus Blast
That's a more offensively sweeper one
Well,I have only one Thundurus and his hidden power is poison so I tink I'll put Thunder Wave instead of Hidden power and make some use of his ability.