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I have lv 46Lugia
Lv 46 Typhlosion
Lv 32Tauros
Lv 32Crobat
Lv34 Piloswine

And what would be a good 6th Pokemon for E4? Im thinking of gyarados lv 30 or lv 26 Graveler? Should I grind them more?

Definitely level them up more. If you have them up to Level 40 then you're just going to get by. Level 45 would be better though.
Ok but where should i train?
Seeing as the only place you can train before the E4 with the highest leveled pokes is Victory Road, I would reccomend there. I'll take a look at the pokemon that can be found and give you some suggestions.

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The First E4 Member you face is:

enter image description here

Will's Pokemon are around Level 40 to 42. He focuses on Psychic types but they all have a secondary typing which you can hit. You can use Lugia to take hits from his Slowbro and kill it, Typhlosion can be used to kill Jynx and Exeggutor, while you can use Tauros to kill his Xatu's. For Tauros you will need to teach him Rock Slide which can be taught to him via TM 80.

The next E4 member you will face is:

enter image description here

Koga's Pokemon are levels 40 to 44. He focuses on poison types so Lugia will be helpful here. He also has three Bug types which will be weak to Typhlosion. Your Crobat and Piloswine will both resist poison moves and provide good back ups.

The Third E4 member you will face is:

enter image description here

Bruno's Pokemon are levels 42 to 46. He focuses primarily on Fighting types. In this battle Lugia will beat pretty much everyone with STAB Aeroblast. Against Onyx you can use Piloswine who will have a STAB ground move, or Typhlosion if he has a grass move.

The fourth E4 member you will face is:

enter image description here

Karen's Pokemon are 42 to 47 and she focuses primarily on Dark types. However is is fairly diverse with Pokemon such as Vileplume and Gengar in the mix. You can use Typhlosion to get the edge on Vileplume and Murkrow, while slamming Umbreon with hard physical attacks from Tauros. Gengar you can hit with Crobat who will be able to outspeed and smash Gengar with hit of it's own, while Houndoom can be hit hard by a STAB ground move from Piloswine.

Finally you will face the Champion!

enter image description here

For this battle it will be useful to have Gyarados on your team with moves like Waterfall, Ice Fang, and Dragon Dance. If you have him at a high enough level you can set-up on Lance's Gyarados and sweep him with yours. An alternative would be killing his Gyarados with Lugia, and then sweeping with Gyarados. In anycase Lance's team is very Ice and Water weak, so if you can eliminate his Gyarados then you can spam a bunch of speedy high powered Ice and Water attacks. Piloswine will help against his three Dragoniteswhile Lugia or Gyarados can handle his Charizard and Aerodactyl with their water moves.

Best of luck with the league!

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You put so much work into this when 80% of my answers is just a boring paragraph telling about what you need to do.
Thanks man :)
How do i get Tm 80? Plus thanks beating Koga right now
TM 80 can be found in Pewter City Gym according to serebii.
As I recall Pewter City is the one that Brock runs so you can't get it, my bad sorry :/
Tauros can still abuse a high powered STAB attack like ROck Climb however.
And Bulbapedia has a list of pokemon that can be found in Victory Road. They will be good pokemon to fight.


Alternatively you can keep challenging the E4 until all your pokemon faint. It gives you a bunch of money and experience. It's how I did it.
If you manage to get your own Dragonite, teaching it moves like thunder and Brick break ect can deal with quite a few Pokemon of the E4, and if you can outspeed, Lances lesser Dragonoites are Fodder too. Make sure you Lv up for the stronger Niet though.
I fixed them in my first try with those low level pkmn. I only used 12revives 2huper potions 7lemonades 2soda pops 1potion