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I mean where you get fashion clothes to the pkmn.
In Goldenrod City

Theres a man in the undergroundbase in Goldenrod city in Johto
You can buy fashion things to your Pokemon but its a lottery and you pay 100P
My question is
Whats the chance of getting the items?

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Okay I've come to the conclusion that it is completely random which accessories you get, having tested this out on my Soul Silver version. As you get more accessories it becomes increasingly harder to get them all because as you said it's like a lottery, and if it lands on an accessory that you've already got he will say "Oh, you didn't win. Sorry." So you waste 100P every time you don't win.

Goldenrod Underground

"In the room above the desk where you can dress up your Pokémon, you will find a room with a variety of Pokémon Dress Up pictures as well a single hiker. Speak to this hiker and each day he will offer to sell you an accessory for 100P. This can be done each day so be sure to check back for each accessory."

(Ignore the part saying "speak to this hiker each day and he will offer to sell you an accessory for 100P" as I have just tested this out and he let me buy all the accessories one after another. I'm not sure if Serebii got this information wrong or if this has something to do with me completing the game etc.)

Here are the accessories you can get:

Award Podium Award Podium

Big Tree Big Tree

Black Specs Black Specs

Blue Balloons Blue Balloons

Blue Barrette Blue Barette

Cape Cape

Carpet Carpet

Colored Parasol Colored Parasol

Confetti Confetti

Cube Stage Cube Stage

Flag Flag

Flower Stage Flower Stage

Fluffy Bed Fluffy Bed

Glass Stage Glass Stage

Gold Pedestal Gold Pedestal

Googly Specs Googly Specs

Gorgeous Specs Gorgeous Specs

Green Balloons Green Balloons

Green Barrette Green Barrette

Heroic Headband Heroic Headband

Humming Note Humming Note

Lace Headdress Lace Headdress

Mirror Ball Mirror Ball

Old Umbrella Old Umbrella

Photo Board Photo Board

Pink Balloon Pink Balloon

Pink Barrette Pink Barrette

Professor Hat Professor Hat

Red Balloons Red Balloons

Red Barrette Red Barrette

Retro Pipe Retro Pipe

Silk Veil Silk Veil

Spotlight Spotlight

Standing Mike Standing Mike

Surfboard Surfboard

Sweet Candy Sweet Candy

Top Hat Top Hat

Yellow Balloon Yellow Balloon

Yellow Barrette Yellow Barrette

Source: Tested out and Serebii

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