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I have been wondering and if I should actually do it for my competive team or not. so yeah I guess curiosity kills the cat... (poor kitty)

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At Level 100, 1 IV boosts a stat by 1 Point. At Level 50, this is 2 IVs for 1 Point.

This means a Pokemon's stat can go up from a value of 283 with 0 IVs to 314 with 31 IVs. If used in competitive, this can mean the difference between a Pokemon hanging on with 1-31 HP to a KO and is highly recommended to have 5 IV or 6 IV Pokemon.

Of course, when battling with your friends, you can do all of the crap you want ,1like Metronome battles. So IVs don't really matter here.

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IVs give you a max boost of 31 for a stat and every single point can matter in competitive battles.. 1HP can mean a lot sometimes... So if you really want to be a good battler I suggest IV breeding is better.. If not EVs are more than enough..
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