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i have a few questions on one topic vvv

today in my Pokemon X...i whitnessed a creepy pasta-like mystery in Lumoise! I was at the station.....and on the second timetable bored at the back it said "im coming for help, wait in the usual place" ok, so my question for this is...what usual place??

also, I while I was in lumoise I got bored and went into all the buildings......i wen to this 3 storey one and on the second floor...as soon as I got out of the elevator this hex manic looking ghost appeared behind me! she walked around me with no movement in her legs at all! she said "no, your not the one" I pee'd...not literally ofc,

and finally...the hotel, yer.....i nearly crapped xD. this OTHER hex manic said something about not hearing an elevator omggg could all this be linked?! I'm sooo curious!!!

and the guy who askes for a tip could he have put a curse on me if I said no?

plz answer ill give a BA for SUREEE

thnx! xox

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Firstly, I laughed at the title. xD

They all seem to just be things they decided to add into the game - I assume Game Freak meant no real connection. They just do it to freak you out. :P

The ghost girl is creepy nostalgia from previous generations - in the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest, and on the Skyarrow Bridge + Scary House in Gen V there are ghost people that have no animation in their legs when moving across the tiles. So maybe the Ghost Girl has no part in this connection, however apart from that this wonderful link shows a nice theory that can prove they are connected.

The hex woman in the hotel put up the notice in the station, with the "usual place" being the hotel. She wants to hear the elevator to make sure this mysterious visitor comes. The ghost girl could also be part of this connection in a few ways:

  • This ghost girl may know who wrote the poster, and she wants to find the woman who wrote it to... 'do stuff' to her, whatever that may be. o_o
  • She may be the mysterious visitor, and she doesn't know what the usual place is, and she's looking. :P
  • The ghost girl and the hex woman may be the same person and since the poster has been up there forever and the visitor hasn't arrived, therefore, she's looking for the person.

So yeah. My opinion. :3
Of course, we don't know who about this until Game Freak speaks up. Otherwise, theories will remain unconfirmed theories. Though I personally believe the theory in the link is a great theory, and is probably it. :D

Also, there is a 99% chance that the guy won't disadvantage your gaming experience if you don't tip him. If he does, the internet hasn't found out how he curses you yet. :P

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Above Link and Experience

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K so you aren't the first one to get creeped out by this. Plenty of people have seen this too, but no actual relationship has been found yet. So if there is a link, it's all speculation with no hard evidence yet.

With the ghost girl,
>Lumiose City Ghost Girl: Bring Rotom to the floor in Tuesdays to obtain Rare Candy.
TMV Station: Note Behind the Board at the Back: Currently unsolved.


>On the second floor of the Fighting Dojo, a Hex Maniac will appear, say "No, you're not the one," and float away. The purpose of this in-game event, if there is one, is not known yet.


>For added creepypasta elements, go to Lumiose Station and read the signpost at the back end from the reverse side.


>If you got to the lumiose station, and go to the second TMV timetable (the back bords) got behined it and press a on its back theres something writen on it. It should say '' I'm going to go for help wait in the usual place'' it might be connected with the hex girl


Etc. etc. The general conception seems to be that these may or may not be linked to a future event Nintendo plans on releasing, so stay tuned I suppose.

And tips are just some random feature, they don't have any actual effect. If you actually get cursed, Pika isn't phat.