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For some reason, all the male Espurrs I caught in the wild had infiltrator and all the females had keen eye. Is that coincedince? Nevertheless I kept breeding to get a female with infiltrator and a male with keen eye. That's question number one. Here's number two. I want a Competetive female Meowstic because in my opinion that would be a lot better than infiltrator, is there any legitimate way I can get one?

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Question 1: Yes it is just a coincidence, Male Espurr can have Keen Eye and Female Espurr can have Infiltrator.

Question 2: You can get an Espurr with it's Hidden Ability Own Tempo in the Psychic type Friend Safari. Espurr will be at level 30, it evolves into Meowstic starting at level 25, so if you level it up by one level it will evolve into either a Male or Female Meowstic depending on Espurr's gender, with it's Hidden Ability Prankster (Male) or Competitive (Female).

Sources: Espurr, Meowstic, Friend Safari

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Meowstic-M Meowstic-F

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Oh, my friend has a psychic type friend safari, and I didn't get an Espurr. All I got was: Grumpig, Wobbufet and Xatu. Is it because I'm using Pokemon Y?
No it's because only three Pokémon are available for capture in a Friend Safari. Because your friend has a Grumpig, Wobbuffet and Xatu in his Friend Safari you will only be able to catch these three Pokémon in his Safari. So you'll need to add someone else who has a Espurr in their Psychic type Friend Safari in order to be able to catch one.

May I suggest looking here --> http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/39716/friend-safari-page-x-y
There's 7 pages of different Friend Safari's, look through them all and if you see a Friend Safari with an Espurr in leave a comment with your Friend Code and kindly ask if they will add you. You need to add their Friend Code as well in order for it to work.

Words of Wisdom: I'd start at the bottom of that link (page 7) and work my way up if I was you, just because someone posts have been their a while.
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The answer to the first question is yes. It is a coincidence.As for the second question,you can get Competitive Meowstic only from a safari.But I think Infiltrator is better as it can bypass Substitute.

Source: Experience

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Huh, I think Competetive's better because that means that if one of it's stats goes down it's special attack goes up, right? And the female is the more offensive one so I think it makes sense. But I also see your infiltrator point too, but hardly anyone uses Protect/Detect/Quick gaurd/Wide gaurd/Substitute online as far as I've seen. Nevertheless thanks!