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Serene Grace Togekiss uses Air Slash after 2 Flashes with a King's Rock. Also, the opponent is paralyzed :P

Thanks for giving me nightmares

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the combination of Air Slash and Serene Grace allows Togekiss to fence
off many foes, posing a decent offensive presence. With Air Slash's
increased 60% flinch rate paired with paralysis, the opposing Pokemon
is left with just a 30% chance of successfully moving.

So its 30 Percent change w/o the rock

All moves that actively deal damage and do not already have a chance
to flinch will gain a 10% chance of flinching the opponent. (This
chance doubles to 20% if the holder has Serene Grace.)

So kings rock will not help

30% :2 (flash) = 15% Percent chance of attacking

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Serene grace+ Air Slash=60% +25%(Paralysis)= 95% plus two flashes and rock will work if togekiss is hit by the opponent

So the opponent has 15% chance of attacking.

Hope I helped!