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My Pikachu (male) has super high speed but strongly lacks defense and maybe alittle slack in HP what can I do to improve this?

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One thing is to evolve it into Raichu, who has much better stats overall.

The main way to improve stats is to EV-train. You can read our page for more details: http://pokemondb.net/ev

Since your Pikachu is high level already, you will need to get rid of the EVs you already have (they will be maxed out by now). You do this by feeding it special berries (see link).

However, Pikachu/Raichu's strength is not defensive, so you are better off training in Speed and either Attack or Special Attack, the idea being you can take down many opponents quickly and in one hit, before they get a chance to hit you. If you don't evolve Pikachu, get it to hold a Light Ball to double its Atk/SpAtk.

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Thanks guys. I guess ill just train it to be a hit n runner. where can I get a light ball? thanks again
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You can get a light ball on a pikachu(5%) or on the pokewalker after 7000+ steps
Dont Evolve
 can i just give it a bunch of irons and hp ups
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You can e-effort v-value train it

every pokemon gives an amount of evs
lets say I battled bidoof till I leveld up each bidoof gives 1 hp ev or if I battle muk muk gives out 1attack and 1 hp

at youres pickachu level its the right time to train and if you will have it to get pokemrus the be6tter cuz boosts ev training

another opsion is to give it some vitamons such as zink

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Charizard, you should read through what you wrote before you post it, it's full of typos and makes it hard to read :|
Yeah... What Charizard is trying to say is EV training is an effective way to gain stats and train your Pokemon in the way you want it. You should look at the EV training guide on this site to learn some more about this.