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OK, I have a Klefki with 4 Perfect IVs(Everything except Attack and Special Attack) and a Honedge with perfect IVs in Attack, but terrible IVs in everything else.
I originally thought the Destiny Knot passed down 5 IVs from the parent holding it, but according to various searches, Destiny Knot actually passes down 5 IVs from BOTH parents, 2 IVs from one and 3 IVs from the other(assuming the randomly chosen IVs don't overlap).
Now I'm confused, because I was IV breeding according to my previous(and apparently incorrect) knowledge of Destiny Knot, and according to a few IV calculations on some of the resulting baby Pokemon, this has been working perfectly fine.
Here's what I've been doing:

Klefki(male) holds Destiny Knot. Honedge(female) holds Everstone to pass down Brave Nature.
I thought that Klefki would be guaranteed to pass down five of its own IVs. I wanted it to pass down Def, SDef, HP, SAtk(27-29 IVs according to calc), and Speed, while the Honedge passed down its Attack IVs. I figured the fastest way to do this without calculating the IVs of every single Egg that hatched would be to see if the offspring's summary said "Likes to thrash about" which means it would have 31 Attack IVs. After calculating the IVs of several hatched Honedge whose summaries said that, I determined that this worked, the offspring had perfect IVs in everything but SAtk, and continued breeding.

If my original idea of Destiny Knot was incorrect, why did the breeding work? Several sites specifically stated that a Destiny Knot passes down 5 IVs total, from both parents.


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The way the Destiny Knot works, as I understand (and someone please correct if I'm mistaken) is that it, as you have said, passes IV's on from both parents. However, where I think you are mistaken, is that I think each stat has its own individual chance from coming from either parent. So it will not necessarily pass on exactly 3 IVs from one parent an 2 IVs from the other. There is a chance it could pass on 5 IVs from the same parent. It is unlikely, but possible.

So, if we assume there is a 50% chance of the Attack IV coming from either Aegislash or Klefki, and then there is the same chance for each of the other stats. Given that the Destiny Knot passes on 5 IVs, there is one IV that will still be random as well. So 0.5/5 (the number of stats passed) equals a 10% chance (I think, if my maths is right) of all the IV's coming from the same parent. While fairly unlikely, that still makes it possible for the offspring to have good stats, despite Aegislash's bad ones.

So.. technically, it is possible for this to have happened, and some of the offspring do have 5 perfect IVs? So if it says "Likes to thrash about" it might not have 5 IVs, just a guaranteed 31 in Atk? Because I calced a bunch of them...
Those characteristics (that's what they are called) do not guarantee 31IV's. "Likes to thrash about" means the pokemon will have one out of: 1, 6, 11, 21, 26, or 31 IV's. If you want to make sure it is 31 IV's, then talk to the guy in Kiloude City who checks IV's. If you want to know about the characteristics, then look here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Characteristic#List_of_Characteristics

And yes, "likes to Thrash about" means Attack is its best stat (or one of, if you have several that are the same), and it will have one of those values I listed before.