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I know Burn decreases Attack and Paralysis decreases Speed, so what does Poison decrease?

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The Poison Status Condition doesn't decrease any Stats, it just causes a Pokémon to lose 1/8 of its maximum HP every turn.

The Badly Poisoned Status Condition also doesn't decrease any Stats, it just causes a Pokémon to lose 1/16 of their HP per turn. The damage increases each turn by 1/16 until the infected Pokémon switches out. So on the second turn a Pokémon would lose 2/16 of their maximum HP, then on the third turn 3/16, and on the fourth turn 4/16 and so on.

Source: Experience and Here.

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Any Poison cannot decrease any stat.
This is because, unlike other status conditions, there are two types of poison: Poison and Bad Poison (Toxic Poison).

Regular Poison takes 12.5% of your HP away every turn, and can't increase or decrease.
Toxic Poison's damage starts at 6.25% of your HP and increases by 6.25% of your HP every turn, and resets when you switch out. This is highly useful, and substitutes for the stats that Poison doesn't lower (such as Speed for Paralysis).

The moves that can cause Bad Poisoning are Toxic (100% chance), 2 Layers of Toxic Spikes (100%), Fling (100% when Toxic orb is held) and Poison Fang (50%).


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Apart from the obvious HP drop, poisoning does not lower any stats. Think about it - wouldn't Toxic be overpowered if it lowered a stat as well as ate away at your Pokemon's HP?

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