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Especially ones like Charmander and Infernape who actually have a flame that powers them and rain would normally put out that fire by hurting the pokemon.

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Rain isn't in a constant amount, and is not concentrated on a single area. If rain gravitated to fire like a magnet, then this would be true, and I'd say it'd only be logical for it to hurt Fire-types.

However, rain just scatters and falls wherever, and in small doses, Fire actually gets more intense from Water, since it feeds off of the Oxygen found in small amounts of water.

In summary, consider this: When rain falls, every drop of water doesn't attract and bomb you like some angry wasp; nor would rain attract and pile up on Pokemon like Charmander and Infernape. =D

Rain does reduce the power of Fire moves though, so it does have an effect. But not same as hail or sandstorm.
Right, it's a hindrance, but not a hazard.