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In fact, we all get burnt by fire and electrocuted by electricity, but why is it not weak to them, but fighting types? And shouldn't Normal types be super-effective on bug types? I mean, like this:

Bewear used Giga Impact against Caterpie!
Caterpie got squished by the huge impact!

No, I know what you're going to answer me. Don't use the answer"Gamefreak logic", please.

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By that logic, Poison and Rock types should also be super effective against Normal. Come to think of it, throwing a rock at most Pokemon would probably do some damage. Why aren't all types weak against Rock?

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Think of it this way: If Normal was weak to everything, what would be the point of using a Normal type Pokemon? Normal types, while they are essentially the "basic" type, are still Pokemon. All Pokemon have practical superpowers, even the ones that don't seem to. It's well within a Normal type's power to be neutral to something you would think it would be weak to.

Another aspect is the balancing part. Like I've already mentioned, who would use Normal types if they were weak to essentially everything? The type chart must be at least somewhat balanced to provide enjoyable gameplay.

Hope I helped!

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