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I was reading through a few movesets, particularly one for Greninja, and I repeatedly see this stated. Am I missing something?

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This is the reason why Grass Knot is good against electric attacks regarding use by Greninja.

  • Greninja is Water/Dark so is weak to electric attacks.
  • Greninja's hidden ability Protean changes the its' type to the type of the move it’s using.
  • If this attack is Grass Knot then Greninja will become part Grass and as such, will not be weak to Electric attacks anymore because Grass resists electric.

This tactic can decrease an attack's damage on Greninja from 2x to 1/2x.

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um. this is literally my answer, only phrased differently
I see. For some reason i didn't make the connection between protean, grass and type change. Thank you very much.
I think you posted your answer whilst I was writing mine.
I also go into more depth: I explain why Protean and Grass Knot cause Greninja to resist electric attacks and I talk about how much this tactic decreases the damage of an electric attack by (4x).
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It is regularly effective on Electric types, just as it is on Normal, Or, Fighting Types...

It may be a case of the opponent's Poke'mon being "heavy" most of the time...
Also with Protean it transforms into a Grass Type, getting STAB...

Hope I Helped!

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Grass resists Electric.

Im pretty sure they just said it's good against Electric types in Greninja's case, because thanks to Protean, Greninja would be resitant to Electric moves after using Grass Knot.
Grass Knot is only good againt Electric types if they are heavy, and most of them arent, so this seems like the only explanation.

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I just had a brain fade. Thanks a lot for helping me out.