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Well, I'd really like to know how many Normal type Pokemon there are, starting from the Kanto through Unova.

Meloetta - Aria & Meloetta - Pirouette share the same PokeDex ID #, therefore, they are the same Pokemon.

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There are actually 98 because there are 2 melotta because of its wo formes.
But he asked for Pokemon, not different forms. They're the same Pokemon, national Pokedex number wise.
I'm with Mew :3, Meloetta's secondary form isn't another individual Pokemon.
Mew is right, not DracoArceus.
Melotta is ONE Pokemon,just like Rotom.
I'm with mew.
Mew is right
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There are currently 97 Normal-Type Pokemon. It says so on our site here.( It says 98 because of Meloetta's 2 formes)

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There. I fixed that in favor of you guys who are upset with me.