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Is it possible to use wartortle in competitve?

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Wartortle is my favourite Pokemon so I want to attempt to use it in competitive but I don't know where to start :|

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Wartortle is viable in competitive.

However, only the NeverUsed tier set by Smogon. Its role is called a spinner, and it removes hazards on teams weak to it. Eg: if your team is weak to stealth rock, add wartortle and he can use rapid spin to remove the stealth rocks. You can usually switch in, rapid spin and switch out again without losing much HP thanks to its good bulk with eviolite. Recommended moveset:

Wartortle @ eviolite
enter image description here
ability: Rain Dish
bold nature
248 HP / 172 Def / 88 SpD
- Scald
- Toxic
- Rapid spin
- Haze/ Ice beam

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rain dish?
thanks you! i might need a rapid spinner because of talonflame but the rain dish :| and  haze (this is 4 doubles)
ok thanks! this was really helpfull i'll work on getting on right away!
just in case you didn't know: the NU tier i was talking about is only used in the simulator called "pokemonshowdown" : if you are playing wi-fi: use blastoise