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When I play in wi fi battles or in the pwt download tournaments,the opponents' Pokemon are so hard to defeat and my Pokemon get knocked out very easily,
My team is :Swampert,hydreigon,salamence,ferrothorn,metagross and machamp.
Please help!

What teams beat you?
The senior championships in pwt
Well, it's senior championships for goodness sake. They have high EVs, incredibly strong they enter the senior championships. They're just... strong.
According to the answer here http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/82048/2012-vgc-trainers-for-the-world-tournament-download-have-evs they don't have EVs with any of the PWT stuff.
Then what about the wi fi battles?
your stats are probably too low. Bad evs or ivs?

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Basically there are a few reasons:

  • You have not EV trained, or have unfortunately obtained EVs in stats which you don't need.
  • Looking at your team, you don't have amazing synergy to wall against super-effective types.
  • The opponents are just really OP using Pokemon >:D
  • You aren't very experienced in prediction or battling (I'm sure you are though).
  • You're in the senior championships for crying out loud!
  • Bad IV's obtained unfortunately in your Pokemon.

If I think of any more reasons I'll add them :)

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What pokemon do u recommend?
Using EV reducing berries and getting EVs down to 0, then EV training.
That's the first thing I'd do :)
For Pokemon I suggest replacing Swampert with Gastrodon or Quagsire, both whom get Recover as reliable Recovery and can both be great tanks.
Where can I get gastrodon and what are the ev reducing berries?