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I've been trying to get a smeargle with perfect iv's for speed, defense, sp. Defense, and HP. I have a male smeargle with perfect speed and a female with perfect defense and sp. Defense. I've been breeding for like a month now and I still havent got a smeargle with those three iv's. I tried making them both hold a destiny knot but it still didn't work. Am I doing something wrong?

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Well, from the info you've told us, you technically aren't doing anything.
You haven't specified your game, so for all I know, you might not be playing X and Y. The Destiny Knot's breeding mechanics only work in X and Y - if you're playing HGSS or any Gen V game, the IV inheritance advantage items are the Power items. Each item passes down the IV it stimulates in battle. The list is here.

I'll also let you know though that only one parent needs to hold the Destiny Knot; even if one parent holds it, both parents will pass their IVs down. :)

If you've done all these things, just continue trying! I hope you find your perfect Smeargle soon.

Hope I helped. :)
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Oh! I forgot to add my game. I'm playing y :)
Maybe im just really unlucky
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Well, IV's are random, so try to breed other Pokemon it the egg group with the Iv(s) you want. It takes patience, but you'll get it.