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I'm new to breeding, and I've been hearing everyone want 6IV Pokemon in the breeding business, but isn't 31 IVs the better option? 6IV Pokemon don't even come close to being as good at what they do against 31 IV Pokemon.

Also, sorry if this sounds dumb to any of you experienced breeders

I love this question! also lmao that "experienced breeders" caught me completely off guard xD

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This is because 6IV Pokémon doesn't refer to the value of the IV, like 0-31, it refers to the number of best IVs, as in the number of IVs that have a value of 31. It makes sense why this is misunderstood, but people usually refer to 6IV Pokémon like I stated. It would be pretty silly to want to lose 25 stat points by level 100 in a Stat you are using. Hope this helps!
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"6IV" refers to having 31 IVs in each stat.

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Hope this helps! :)