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My 6IV Ditto is in the Pokemon Daycare holding Destiny Knot, with a Bagon that has all IVs except Attack. I basically want a Bagon with all IV's except SpA. How do I do this? I keep breeding but its not working out!

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Use a special Salamence then
well, you probably were jacked with your Ditto for a special attacking one. To fix this just get an attack ditto on your own and breed again.
well what are the results?
How are you  breeding in the Pokémon Centre? I've never heard of such a thing.
seriously, though - what are the IV's of the bagon coming out?

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Keep trying

A destiny knot will guarantee 1-5 exact same IV's as the Pokemon holding it so with a 6IV ditto the chance is rare and could take multiple tries. Make sure your ditto does have perfect IV's and a Destiny knot as the held item.

Alternatively you could post on my wall and I can give you a 6IV perfect nature and the like + shiny salamence (or it's evolutionary line) I can have it ordered in and delivered to your game by a week after Christmas (see my wall or more details)