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To be more specific: why is my Togepi so hard to train in Super Training? With all my other Pokemon, it takes 15-30 minutes to fully EV train them that way, but I would sit for hours trying to train Togepi. I gave up after a little bit because it was taking so long. Its shots are slow and do almost nothing and it takes so long to even beat the balloon bot.

Is there any reason why it's like that?

what symbol does it have? (the little ball symbol)
Regular ball (black. Nothing special)
If Super Training doesnt work for Togepi, i suggest horde EV training.
Also, is the green bar full or empty? because the higher the bar is, the more damage it will do.
I'll give it a try ^^

But what I've been doing is sending in my Espurr (fully EV trained) against Sp. Atk balloon bots to get the training bags and using those on Togepi. It's time consuming, but it's better than almost running out of time in Super Training with Togepi

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The less trained a Pokemon is in Speed, the slower it's ball's speed will be.
If your Togepi is not invested in speed at all, it's balls will be turtle-speed. It's completely normal. It also means that your Pokemon will be just like your ball. Turtle-speed.

The lesser trained a Pokemon in the offensive stats (Attack and Special Attack), the lesser damage a Pokemon's shots will do.
If you're togepi is not invested in the offensive stats, then your shots will do decreased damage. The shots get stronger the more you have invested in either stats.

Also, charging up shots will cause them to do more damage, and if you have trained it majorly in the defenses (Defense and Special Defense) then the charging time will reduce.

The Base Stats the Pokemon has also seem to take part in the equation, but this is a bit debatable.

Source - Experience and personal playthrough
Hope I helped!

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level has a lot to do with it's points toward the goal, if you level it up of even evolve it, it should train faster.

All of my other pokes are level 1 and they trained in just a half hour, though. That's why I'm thinking it's just a Togepi thing
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Togepi isn't performing well in super training, because it's low level. Pokemon perform differently in super training with different levels. E.g if it has high attack/special attack, the balls will get you more points for each one that lands in a goal, and if it has higher speed, shots will travel faster ect.

So, I suggest you level it up normally without EV training, use a reset bag on it, then try again and see if it does any better.

Source: I figured it out myself, my Ninjasks shots are super fast, the opponent hardly does any damage to my Blissey, and other Pokemon I've tried.

My other pokes do just fine in super training and they're all level 1, which is why I'm thinking it's  just a Togepi thing :/
I mean because of its lack in EV training.
Ah, okay. I misinterpreted XP