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i know he can learn it but only by move tutor. can he get it in Pokemon X.
I'm trying to make him a moveset. so far I got:

Iron head
Power up punch


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No,Aggron cannot learn Aqua Tail in X.

However for your moveset,you should go with this:

[email protected] Band.
Trait:Rock head
Focus Punch OR Iron Tail
Rock Slide
Hidden Power Bug OR Double-Edge

Hope I helped!
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/aggron

**aggron can learn aqua tail in X**

but as you said: only if you trade him from BW2 to X&Y, so go to the move tutor in BW2, have him learn aqua tail, deposit him in the pokebank, switch your game to Pokemon X and get aqua tail aggron. just a little nitpick and the reason I answered this question although it had already got an answer: I wouldn't recommend power up punch for aggron. teach him stealth rock if its mega-or head smash if its normal aggron to make use of its ability
I may be wrong.
But imo, this answer doesn't improve significantly enough on the previous one. The reason 'i wouldn't recommend power up punch for aggron' as your reason to add this as an answer is a minor one in my opinion, and totally worth a comment :I
well, the other guy said you can't get him at all, while i said he could get it through pokebank in case this man didn't knew about pokebank. and the move set he recommended with hidden power buh, focus punch and rock slide>head smash isn't exactly err.. recommended
His 'recommended moveset' was an extension of the moveset the question asker already had.
Additionally, the question is asking if you can LEARN it. You can't. You can only transfer it. So ZekromMaster is technically right.
Thanks for having my back there Sempi.And my name is not 'the other guy' Dr dude of bananas,it zekrom