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It's sooooo boring!

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Just Soft Reset your game.

As soon as you defeat the Elite 4 and Champion and get entered in the Hall of Fame the game saves automatically providing you don't turn it off before it has chance to save. So if you Soft Reset after the game has been saved you'll end up in the player's house.

You can Soft Reset by pressing and holding L + R + Start or Select. Soft Resetting is essentially the same as turning your 3DS off and then back on again.

You can also fast forward the credits by pressing the A or B button.

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I tried this and it doesn't work, it sent me right back to the hall of fame, so now I have to beat AZ and sit through the credits again. And holding down A or B didn't fast forward the credits for me, I'm pretty sure that's only something you can do after any other time you beat the elite four
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Nope! Sorry about that.

However, you can hold down the 'A' or 'B' buttons to double the speed of the credit roll.

You can also soft reset by pressing the button combination of L, R, and Start or Select once the game is saved, or go to the Home Screen, and close and re-open the game.

Source: Experience

Thank you, but I ended up watching it at full speed anyway! xD
I could answer but you can also Turn Off the DS and then later come back coz it's already saved.
PS sry i losed against Sciz