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I’m playing Pokémon Y in Japanese and Yveltels name, it’s spelt as Iberutaru, which is just, E-veltel.

I’m incredibly disappointed it isn’t spelt as “uwaiberuteru”, literally Y-veltel.

So I was talking to Our friend Omega Blade X and I was like “wait does that mean it’s pronounced Pokémon E version in Japanese?” And now I can’t stop thinking of it.
Surely there was an interview upon release or announcement where they talked about the games, right? How did they pronounce the title?

Thank you and I am so sorry for ruining your day.

Ah yes my two favorite games, Pokémon X and Pokémon E
Considering how Xarneas is pronounced, it would be E and S/Z
Pokémon Z and Pokémon E, then

Hol up... Pokémon Z really does exist lmao

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I’m incredibly disappointed
Otherwise pronounced as...


As in, W H Y I S I T S O D I S S A P O I N T I N G