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I am currently trying pokegen for the first time and I am having difficulty transferring a Skarmory to Pokemon Black from my computer to my 3DS. Every time I go to receive my Pokemon from the GTS in game, I receive a different Pokemon. I never put any Pokemon in the GTS to start with, so I am confused why I am not getting my Skarmory.

So a few questions.
Why can't I get Skarmory?
Any ideas as to why I am receiving random Pokemon?
Is this a glitch?

I have looked at YouTube videos to find what is wrong and have not gotten much luck.

I have used this. I can't receive my Skarmory. No idea why.
Have you not sent any other Pokegen Pokémon to your game before Skarmory? As that could explain why you’re getting other Pokémon and not Skarmory. Try using the GTS until you get the Skarmory that you've sent as other Pokémon could be in the queue before it.

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Ask PokeGen!

The only person or people that can really solve this problem are PokeGen themselves, so you may as well ask them. Click here for the contact page - or you can email them directly at [email protected]

Both of the options require an email, but I assume you have one since you signed up for this site. x)

Hope I helped. :)