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I wanna get a shiny starter, but i dont want to do "Soft Reset" But i saw you can get shinies in eggs. My favourite starter is oshawott so i wanna get him shiny. I got a ditto ( Not foreign ) So all i gotta do is put them in daycare and they will have eggs right? But sense its a high chance of getting shiny in eggs do i send the pokemon in the wild so it wont fill up my boxes? also, how long would it takes to get a shiny oshawott?

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If you just hatch eggs with your non foreign Ditto and random Oshawott the chance of getting a shiny is 1 in 8192 as usual. This does not guarantee that if you hatch 8192 eggs you would get the shiny though.
You would want to go with the Masuda method for a higher chance when hatching eggs and a higher chance in general.

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Im still kinda confused.. What does the Masuda method? Also if were to get all those eggs. It would fill up my boxes, so can i just let them in the wild
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You have a 1 in 8,192 chance of getting a shiny Pokemon.

So after hatching 8,192 eggs, you MIGHT get an egg.

If the Ditto were or the Oshawott were foreign, you have a 1 in 1,639

Source and for more info: Bulbapedia/ Breeding for Shininess

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