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I thought Pokebank had an anti-hack system.


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If your friend's Lileep's details was legitimate, in being that it had an ability it could have, moves it could actually learn, stats not above what they should be etc. it may possibly be able to get through Pokémon Transporter.

I myself have transferred many Pokedit Pokémon to Pokémon X and Y, all of them legitimate some have got through some haven't.

Obvious hacked Pokémon such as Spiritomb with Wonder Guard will be prevented from being transferred over, as will Pokémon that can't be legitimately obtained such as a Shiny Lugia with Multiscale.

Source: Experience

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Would the "legit" Pokemon be tournament-legal?
Yeah as long as their legit, I've used Pokedit Pokémon before in official tournaments. However some Pokedit Pokémon I thought to be legit have been denied but the majority of Pokedit Pokémon have been allowed to compete in tournaments. If your able to transfer a Pokedit Pokémon from B/W/B2/W2 to X/Y then I see no reason why it wouldn't be allowed in future tournaments as it has already got passed one hack checker with no problems.
Thanks! Yay!! My Cradily can be in tourneys :3
Haha no problem glad I could help :)
I tried to transfer 2 boxes full of Pokedit Pokémon (individually of course) from Black 2 to Y, out of the 2 boxes of Pokedit Pokémon only 7 Pokémon wouldn't transfer. 7 out of 60 isn't too bad :P
Is the Ho-Oh hacked?
No I received that from trade a while back, it doesn't even have my name as OT is has Michael as the OT if I remember correctly :P