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So I have been breeding lately to get my adamant zubat with the moves bravebird and whirlwind. I was planing to make it a toxic shuffler when it evolved, and was going to train it in attack and speed evs. So while I go and get more money, I wanted to put it into a daycare, but I want to know if those egg moves will be forgotten. Thanks, btw I am playing white.


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The moves Pokémon learn while in Day Care are also based solely on level-up: if a Pokémon is raised to a level at which a new move would be learned, the topmost move in its current moveset will be deleted, and the new move will be placed at the bottom of the moveset. This may result in a Pokémon learning unwanted moves, while forgetting ones which were carefully selected for it. For example, it is possible for a Pikachu knowing Surf and Volt Tackle to forget both by learning level up moves whilst stored as such.

So in a nutshell Yes your egg moves do go away but thats a chance of that move being selected to be forgotten.
Source Bulbapedia

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Remember to organize your moves before Daycare, little pokemon trainers ;P   -Old person Threeswordsrule