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Hello, I'm a bit of a novice breeder and I'm having a few problems with my attempts to breed Maril.

I've currently managed to make plenty of 4IV Maril, but I'm struggling to get my Maril's attack IV up to 6. I know the best way is to find a 6IV Ditto, but I've been trying for a week now to find one or a Ditto Safari to no avail...

I've tried using a Power Bracer on a Ditto with Max attack IVs (Checked using IV Checker) but the attack always comes out 5IV when I breed it. I've also traded for a number of 4IV Maril over the GTS and not one of them had 6IVs for Attack.

This brings me to my question: Can Maril even reach 6IVs since Azumaril's stats only go up to 410 max? If it can, then can you tell me what I'm doing wrong or what piece of info I'm missing/have backwards? Any other related info that might help will be appreciated as well. =)


Or, if you can trade me a 6IV Ditto. That would work as well! Lol =)

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Any Pokemon can get 6 perfect IVs. Also the max number IV in attack or any other stat is 31, not 6.
The power bracer has no effects on the IVs, only the EVs.
Getting a 6IV Pokemon just takes time, give one of the Pokemon you're breeding a Destiny knot so the child gets 5IVs from the parents.
More on IV breeding [here][1].

Source: Experience and the link listed above.
[1]: http://nuggetbridge.com/breeding/breeding-perfect-pokemon-x-y/

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Ok. That clears up most of it. I'm still a bit confused by IVs though:

I heard that IVs have something to do with the base stats of a level 1 pokemon. Usually the stats that appear once you hatch a Pokemon range from 4-6 for Attack, Defence, Sp. Defence, excetra except for HP which usually ranges from 11-12.

My understanding was that a "6IV Pokemon" has "6" for all 6 stats, except for HP which is 12. So, do these base stats have anything to do with IV breeding/bettering a Pokemon at all, or is it all about checking with the IV checker after breeding with the destiny knot?
No it does not in any way effect a level one pokemon however you can see the changes at level 100
Besides that IVs give you around 30-60 more in each stat you have those IVs on (noticable at higher levels)
The power bracer DOES effect IV inheritance. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/EV-enhancing_item
6 IV Pokemon do not necessarily have 6 in every stat. It depends on the Pokemon's species, and that species' base stats.
You just need to keep breeding, since the 5 IVs a Pokemon inherits from its parents when one of them is holding a Destiny Knot is totally random, so you just need to keep hatching Marill eggs.
Alright, sweet! Thanks for all that info. Really helped me clear things up. =D