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Alright, we all know Xerneas can learn Horn Leech, and I just recently got a Japanese one from the GTS with some random luck. Now, i'm going to be straight with you all, I like moves that restore HP, (especially when paired with a Big Root) such as Drain Punch, Oblivion Wing, (THIS move is why I favor Yveltal over Xerneas) etc.

So, how could one make Horn Leech work fora Legendary that's even more locked-on to Special attacks?

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Actually, xerneas specializes in attack and special attack, so you can keep horn leech.
Hope this helps!

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Since Xerneas has base 131 attack and special attack it can work on it. Though I don't see how much point it would be having Horn Leech on Xerneas because it doesn't provide much coverage in general but you can definitely use it on a physical Xerneas set.

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I wanted to use Horn Leech as a way to keep it healthy, like Oblivion wing, too bad Horn Leech doesnt recover as much hp