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i want to receive my items I bought in the page but when I use game sync its says "game sync ended because the server is busy. please try again later." what do I have to do or does it have the same mechanic that I have to wait 24 hours cause I accidentally clicked it before I bought the items

what i did is just spam the save button and eventually it worked , dont know if thats a proper answer so its just a comment
im gonna try didn't work

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Even I got this thing and was very frustrated. These are some reasons why you're getting 'the server is busy' thing:

1.You can only use Game Sync after 1 hour.This means that if you have used it once,you can use it again after 1 hour.Also you could try shutting down you 3ds and use Game Sync after restarting the 3ds.

2.The servers of PGL are always really busy so try using Game Sync after a 3 or 4 hours (or at 3 in the morning :P)

Hope I helped!

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thanks it worked